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I think I have to write some meaningful content so that I can get some good ads up top there. I sure do want to make a million dollars in 17 minutes a day 3 days a week so I’ll write up a good article here.

I’m going to post most of my meaningful and interesting posts from my trusty PalmOne Treo 650. For those of you who live in a cave ( and I dont know how you’re reading my “blog” from a cave?? ) , a Treo 650 is not a blackberry , but it looks like one. It’s also not a Palm Pilot – they haven’t been around for like 37.2 years. It’s a PDA-phone. So what that means to me is I get to sit on my couch and drink coke, all while I compose mind-numbingly boring articles for your entertainment. And every time one of you wonderful people posts a comment ( after clicking on one of the ads so I can become a millionaire ) , my phone starts beeping & vibrating violently to alert me , all while I sit on the couch. See I have a very very comfortable couch and I really don’t like to leave it more than I have to. That’s part of my goal of having a blog , to retire to my couch all day and drink copious amounts of coke.

Well I think that’s enough insight for today. I dont want to overload anyone’s brain with too much cool stuff. Back to my couch!

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