My apologies

You know, I was just thinking. You guys ( as if anyone was reading this ) probably don’t care about my stapler as much as I do. Although maybe you should give your own stapler some more thought. I know that I didn’t care about mine very much until one day when I came into work, and found it missing! I searched high & low for it. Every time I had to staple something, I said some very non-Christian things, and had to wander off to the next office to find a stapler! As it turns out one of the guys who works for me, TOOK THE STAPLER HOME BY ACCIDENT!! He put it in his briefcase along with his paperork. HE PUT MY STAPLER IN HIS BRIEFCASE. I’m not sure how that happens.
But boy was I ever happy when he called to say he had my stapler. At first I thought he was going to hold it ransom, but he didn’t. The rest is history. My stapler was returned to me just as good as new, and it has since been upgraded to a 3.5 Special Edition. It doesn’t staple papers any faster but it sure does look cool.

So please, think about my story the next time you staple papers. Your stapler is more important than you think. You just won’t realize until it’s GONE HOME IN SOMEONE’S BRIEFCASE.

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