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My plan, until recently, had been to build a new computer a few months after my wife gets back from Iraq. After all, the one I have will turn 2 years old in December. Well, parts of it can be traced back even further than that, as I tend to do partial-upgrades. But for the most part, it’s 2 years old. The monitor is new though, a 19″ Dell LCD – very nice.

But then I got to thinking. What do I need a faster CPU for? Do I need more memory? Do I need a super video card? The answer is… well… no. The current rig is an AMD Athlon XP ( Barton core ) 2500+, 1 GB RAM ( Corsair I think, can’t remember, ) a 60 GB & a 200 GB HDD, 16x Plextor DVD burner, AOpen DVD-ROM, no-name 400W Power supply, ATI Radeo 9000 128MB video card, and I think that’s about it. It has an external flash card reader, oh and a really sweet Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard & mouse set. Usually I’m a hardcore Logitech mouse fan, but this set was free! Free > logitech, sorry logitech!

It’s not archaic, but it’s not nearly top-of-the-line anymore. I don’t need a dual-core 64 bit Athlon 4000+. What , will it help me post to my “blog” faster? Heck I still haven’t really figured out what in the world a “Blog” is!!! I just hope it makes me a millionire soon.
I guess I don’t need a 256 MB video card, or a 400 GB SATA hard drive, or any of that. I don’t play video games. I don’t design houses. I just pay my bills online and try to learn about “blogging.” Is that even a word?

Oh well, no new computer for me. How depressing.

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  1. Ronald said

    March 26 2006 @ 8:36 pm

    Must have really Gotcha

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