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Not a Millionaire

Well, I’m not a millionaire yet. But I guess you probably already know that, because I’m still “blogging.” Or is it “blogulating?” Would that make me a Blogulator? It’s hard to tell what is and isn’t a word these days. “Sorry, I’m busy blogulatering.” I’m making new words left and right. Whoever said you can […]

Big 3 Issues

I’m sure everyone has heard about the current problems in Detroit. 2 of the Big 3 aren’t in real good shape. Both Ford & GM have been hemorrhaging money for some time now. Sales are down, losses are up, legacy costs are crushing. Looking back, as hindsight is always 20/20, allowing the UAW to even […]

My picture

So I found out that you can post your own picture on your “blog.” I thought about putting my own picture here, but I decided not to for a few reasons. For one, many of you would probably grab the nearest sharp object and use it to remove your eyes. Those of you who didn’t […]



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