Green Llama

greenllama.jpgAlright, I know everyone has been waiting for this. Why in the heck is this website called “The Green Llama” ? You’re probably expecting a hilarious story about a llama that was born green, or turned green, or maybe even wanted to be green.

Sorry to dissapoint, but I was half asleep when I picked the name, and thus Green Llama was born. So here’s a picture of a Green Llama for you to enjoy.

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    Green Llama is a place to learn about making money online. Any ideas or walk-through's I have, I'll post here for your enjoyment. I also do product and online service reviews.

    However, I tend to run off on tangets quite often. I call this part of the site 'random crap'. Basically I'll go off and post about whatever I want, just to keep things interesting. Have fun and stay tuned.