CNN Nearly blows up the world

Iran Nuclear TechnologyWell not exactly. But close. It seems the company hired by CNN to translate didn’t quite live up to their expectations. A seemingly simple mistake such as misunderstanding “technology” for “weapons” can turn into a big problem when talking about a known terrorist-supporting, America-hating nuclear-seeking country. According to the BBC News article – ‘Its translation quoted the president as saying: “We believe all nations are allowed to have nuclear weapons”, and that the West should not “deprive us to have nuclear weapons”. Iran says the Farsi word for technology was translated as weapons. ‘

Iran has since banned CNN reporters. CNN definately screwed this one up, and we’ll lose a good bunch of reporters over there. However, I still can’t find myself able to side with Iran. They still haven’t been able to explain why they, of all countries, has any need for nuclear technology. I know, I know, they keep saying it is their “right.” K, great, WHY do they need it? They have bazillions of barrells of oil; not to mention a ridiculous amount of natural gas. Energy is the absolute least of Iran’s worries. Anyone who believes their nuclear desire is peaceful, is absolutely blind. Remember, this country’s self-stated goal is “the destruction of the state of Israel.” Not a very peaceful goal, eh?

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