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China to build artificial sun

Pretty much self-explanatory. Didn’t these people watch Spiderman 2? Read the full article at People’s Daily Online.

Random Crap : Gamberi con Cunnilingus

Some lady ordered Gamberi con Cunnilingus instead of the Gamberi con Cannellini at a fancy restaurant. Trying to get a subtle hint across to her husband perhaps? Anyways, go check out – it is absolutely hilarious. Tons of stories about the crazy crap this guy sees as a waiter.

Common Sense Finally Prevails

After a long & hard struggle, commen sense wins. It seems some woman got knocked up and decided that means she can use the carpool lane by herself. Judge says no. Oh yea, and here’s your fine.

Banana art part 2

Ahhh, more random crap. I’m not sure where this gomer comes up with the ideas. Feel free to leave comments.

Hamas to be elected to Palestinian Parliament ?

So, Hamas members are being allowed to run for parliament in the Palestinian elections. What could possibly go wrong?

Greenbriar Llama Farm

If you’re looking for pictures of llamas – you came to the right place. Check out Greenbriar Llama Farm. Contrary to popular belief, llamas don’t spit at everyone, and they are very quiet. You can read about their disposition here.



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