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Airforce may sell F-22

So we recently developed the fighter jet to end all fighter jets. The F-22 Raptor renders all other fighter jets completely obsolete. Apparently some genius in the pentagon has decided that it would be a good decision to sell this jet to some of our “trusted allies.” Are we that hard up for cash? Read […]

Sudan man marries goat

Because he got caught having sex with it. Read the full story at All Headline News.

AOL to raise price on dial up

AOL is raising the price on its dial-up service. That’s right, raising the price. They’re now charging $26 per month, in an attempt to get users to switch to broadband. Netzero at $9.99, DSL at $19.99, or AOL dial-up at $26.99. Hmmmmmm…… Full story at Slashdot.

Iran a bunch of pussies

It seems Iran is backing up one one of their president’s famed remarks. Apparently, Iran does not want to “wipe Israel off the map” – the president was simply misunderstood. Sorry guys, you can’t use the language barrier as an excuse for this one. You can practically smell the fear from this article. I don’t […]

Arabs to gain control of major US ports

Hmm… lets see. Nearly the entire Islamic world hates us…. most for ridiculous reasons, but they hate us nonetheless. They take any opportunity they can to lash out at us, and cause the US harm. So let’s give these people control of 6 major ports….. yea… that’s what we should do. Bush – waddaya thinkin? […]

Death by toilet paper

I’ll freely admit it, I get angry when I run out of toilet paper. In fact, I usually keep a minimum of 12+ rolls in the house at all times to keep this from happening. Although this guy definately has the edge on toilet paper issues though. He ran out of toilet paper, so he […]



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