Saudi Arabia & Qatar to fund Hamas Terrorism

Ok not officially. But Saudi Arabia & Qatar are sending about $33 million bucks over to our Palestinian friends. And, with Hamas officially in charge these days, you don’t need to be a genius to figure out what the funds will be used for.

This just solidifies the worthlessness of Palestine to me. Even with hundreds of millions of dollars of foreign aid each year, they can’t stop blowing everyone up. They can’t provide jobs, or a semblance of a stable government. I say we should all cut them off, let them fend for themselves. Perhaps they can see what the world is truly like, when they don’t have huge checks coming their way all the time.

Oh, and by the way, Saudi Arabia is not on a good clip lately. They seem to like pissing the US off for some reason… I’m not sure I understand it. We protected them back in the first Gulf War; they would’ve crumbled against Iraq without the US there to save them. Three tanks and an airplane isn’t an army guys. I have a problem with countries forgetting where their loyalty should lie. Just because the national religion of Saudi Arabia & Palestine are the same, doesn’t mean they should be funding terrorism. And that’s exactly what Palestine is, a terrorist state. Period.

Read the full story at USAToday.

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