Muhammad Cartoon

I’m sure all of you have heard about the infamous Muhammad cartoon by now. For those of you who haven’t, here’s the short version. A Danish newspaper published a funny cartoon with Muhammad pictured with a bomb on his head instead of the normal rags. Distasteful? Probably. I know I wouldn’t appreciate a caricature of Jesus. Then again, I would move on. Some crazy Muslims torched a Danish embassy instead.

I think this event just brings to light the true problems in the Muslim world today. The cartoon, while distasteful, is based in truth. The suicide bombers and Muslim terrorist groups all claim allegience to Allah and Muhammad. Why would Muhammed be ashamed to wear a modern-day Islamic weapon if he truly supports their actions? I’m sure if he were depicted with a sword there would’ve been no uproar. By using violence, they simple prove that they have no purpose. They lash out at any perceived opportunity. They should’ve laughed at the cartoon, seen the irony, or even just turned away. Instead of doing what civilized people would do, they do the only thing they know. The Muslims have been fighting for thousands of years, and don’t know anything else. They cannot open their eyes for just a minute to see the world as it truly is. The rest of the world does not hate Muslims for their beliefs, what they look like, or how they talk. We hate them for who they are, and what they do.

The answer is simple. Muslims around the world, but especially in the Middle East need to open their eyes, look around, and realize that this is not the same world their ancestors lived in. They must stop lashing out with violence every time something does not go their way. They should actually sit down and read the Koran – and not as it is taught by militant mullahs – they must read it as it was written. Islam is indeed a religion of peace, and should not be defiled as it so often is. After thousands of years of senseless violence, I have little hope for these people. I hope I can be proved wrong.

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