The Answer is NO

The answer is NO. Today, tomorrow, and always. The answer is always always no. Now you’re probably thinking, what the crap is this guy talking about. Alright.. have you ever tried to teach someone how to use a computer and not break it? You can sum it up with this simple phrase – “The answer is no.” Think for a second.
“Do you like money?” NO.
“Do you like women?” NO.
“Do you like women with no clothes on?” NO.
“Do you want a free iPod?” NO.
“Do you want a free bigscreen Plasma TV?” NO NO NO.

I think you get the picture. By just understanding that the answer is always no, no matter what, it is very difficult to break your computer. Spyware ceases to be a real issue, as do viruses. ( Virii? ) I’ve saved myself a ton of headaches by educating people about NO lately. The last few computers I set up came with a 15 minute lesson on the power of NO. Remember, if you’re ever in doubt, even if you’re almost sure it’s ok, the answer is NO.

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