Would you like a breadstick?

Everytime I go to Olive Garden with my wife, the same thing happens.  We’re greeted, and wait patiently for our table like the nice people we are.  When the table is available, we mosey on over and sit down and start looking at the menu.  I always have trouble deciding between the chicken parmigian and the Tuscan T-Bone ( I know, steak at an Italian restaurant…but it is incredible. ), and starting the looooooong wait for the breadsticks.  That’s when the problems begin.  I start to look around, and I notice that the table next to us has a basket full of un-eaten breadsticks. 

See, the real reason I go to Olive Garden is for the breadsticks.  Yea, they have great chicken & steak, but it’s all about the breadsticks.  I’ll polish off between 10 & 12 each time I go, sometimes more.  So anyway, back to my story. 

I’ve always wondered, what would happen if I walked over to the next table, didn’t say a word, and just grabbed a breadstick & walked away?  The silence is key – you can’t ask for one, they would just say no.  But what would they do if I just took one?  What would you do?  I’m thinking that they wouldn’t do anything – their jaws would drop to the floor, and they’d be silent for a few minutes – but they wouldn’t say a thing.

One day I’m going to try it.

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