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Mac Virus on the loose – Oompa Loompa

This only confirms what I’ve been saying for many many years. Macs aren’t inherently more secure than Windows-based PC’s. They had no viruses or spyware simply because the sort of people who write them are realists. If your goal is to cause damage on a wide scale, do you target 97% of the computer users, […]

Would you like a breadstick?

Everytime I go to Olive Garden with my wife, the same thing happens.  We’re greeted, and wait patiently for our table like the nice people we are.  When the table is available, we mosey on over and sit down and start looking at the menu.  I always have trouble deciding between the chicken parmigian and […]

Robot toys from the 80’s

Retro Junk has a list of the top 10 robot toys from the 80’s. Out of the 10, I had #8 Roboto, #3 Optimus Prime, and I seem to remember #2 Voltron. Stuff like this makes life worth living. Go ahead, click on it & look back into your childhood when times were simpler.

Mmmmmmmmm Nose

When you argue with your girlfriend, do you a.) Yell at her b.) beat her or c.) bite off her nose and swallow it ? If you’re reading it here, then you know it’s gotta be C. Read the full story at Merced Sunstar.

To be a cop in Spotsylvania

How would you like to be paid to recieve sexual services? Just join up with the fuzz in Spotsylvania County, VA. ( For those of you who dont’ know, “fuzz” is an oooooooooooooooold word for the 5-0, popop, or “police” as they’re usually called. ) Check out the full story at All Headline News.

Middle school teacher accepting bribes

This teacher is my idol. He’s taking bribes from students, so they can skip class and he’ll pass them. So he gets to work less, and make more money. Brilliant. Damn feds stickin their noses where they don’t belong. Read the full story at All Headline News.



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