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Israel recruits Llamas to elite units

Israel tried to use mules for the job, but the mules didn’t do what they were told. So Isreal recruited some llamas to carry the heavy loads & do the dirty work. Apparently they also eat only once every two days. Go elite llamas! Read the full story at CNN.

Iguana floods apartment

Some guy’s pet iguana decided to turn on the hot water while his owner was away. Well, at least he’s on the ground floor right? Nah, that wouldn’t be interesting. His apartment flooded, and so did every one below his, all the way down to the basement. Read the full story at ABC News Online.

Saudi Arabia & Qatar to fund Hamas Terrorism

Ok not officially. But Saudi Arabia & Qatar are sending about $33 million bucks over to our Palestinian friends. And, with Hamas officially in charge these days, you don’t need to be a genius to figure out what the funds will be used for. This just solidifies the worthlessness of Palestine to me. Even with […]

Party on Autopsy table

Those wacky Norwegians. Some hospital employees recently threw a party in the room where they perform autopsies. They were drinking beer right on the autopsy table as a matter of fact. In a building with like 80,000 rooms, you’re telling me that they couldn’t find a better choice than the autopsy room? Really? Read the […]



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