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Adios Ads

I was looking over my Adsense account, when I made a startling realization. I track each of my sites by channel, so I can see how each site is performing. The great Green Llama has made me, since its inception, a grand total of $0.13 US American dollars. I’ve made the tough decision to remove […]

Dalai Lama hopes to come to China

The Dalai Lama, not to be confused with a regular llama, is hoping that the Chinese government will allow him to visit China once again. Apparently he ticked off China about a hundred years ago and was banned from the country. I don’t know why, but I imagine it can’t be very interesting, or I […]

Don’t get Vonage or your house will burn down

Dude calls 911 with his Vonage phone because there was a fire in his home. Does Vonage A: Transfer his call to the real 911, B: Send out firefighters immediately or C: Put him on hold while his house burns down You wouldn’t be reading it hear if it was A or B. Read the […]

Mississippi hates people who masturbate

Sex toys – outlawed. Really. I mean it. Don’t get caught using a vibrator or you’re heading to the slammer. Coming soon : illegal sex toy trade. Full story at Random Crap Online.

Students create magic plant

The plant glows when thirsty, eats humans when angry. Tread lightly. Read the full story at ABC News.

Cat falls 80 feet and lives to talk about it

Gets up and says what’s the big deal? I’ve got 8 lives left. Read the full story and see the video at USA Today.



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