Dell to buy Alienware ( maybe )

Rumers have been floating around about Dell’s apparent desire to buy Alienware. I’ve got a few thoughts about this of course. For one, why would anyone want Alienware? Sure, their computers are fast, top of the line gaming machines, but are they really that big? Most people have never even heard of Alienware. Most gamers are more likely to build their own computer instead of buying a pre-built system anyway; so I’m not sure there’s a real big market for this type of company.

Even if Dell does buy Alienware, I certainly hope they don’t start to build the computers themselves. I remember back a few years ago, when I worked as a computer tech. I was working on my first Dell desktop, and it looked like the power supply was bad. It was a standard ATX connecter ( or so it seemed ) , so it was maybe a 5 minute job if I did it with one hand and my eyes closed. Well, I decided to keep my eyes open for this one, and I’m glad I did. I took out the offending power supply, popped in the new one, plugged her in, and then made my biggest mistake – I turned it on. FIRE FIRE FIRE. It lit on fire. IT LIT ON FREAKING FIRE. It turns out that Dell “ATX” connecters are ATX connecters at all – they just look the same, have the same number of pins, and connect exactly the same. Unfortunately, any attempt to use a non-Dell power supply results in fire.

Found at Engadget.

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