Free email not safe

A judge in San Francisco subpoenaed Google recently for the entire contents of a Gmail account – even deleted emails. Here’s an excerpt from – ‘The subpoena asks for not only current e-mail but also deleted e-mail: “All documents concerning all Gmail accounts of Baker…for the period from Jan. 1, 2003, to present, including but not limited to all e-mails and messages stored in all mailboxes, folders, in-boxes, sent items and deleted items, and all links to related Web pages contained in such e-mail messages.” ‘

I’m a huge Gmail fan, and I don’t partake in any illegal activities with my Gmail account, so I guess I shouldn’t worry. However, it just seems bizarre to think that the Feds could read my email anytime they want… seems overly invasive. I’m sure that all the other free email services would be no different in the same situation… this is a rather disturbing precedent if you ask me. Via Peter’s Reviews.

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