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Indian Witches Beheaded

A family of 5 in India were all beheaded due to witchcraft. Apparently they cast spells to kill two garden works. Witchcraft?? Is it the 1600’s again and no one told me? Read the full story All Headline News.

Toilet Paper Air Cannon

Now you can TP your teacher’s house much faster, with deadly accuracy. Via Boing Boing. Read the directions here.

US Debt closing in on $9 Trillion

Good ol George W Bush just signed into law a bill that raises the US debt ceiling to $8.96 trillion. I started off liking W pretty well, but this is the 4th increase in the debt limit since he took office. With his government constantly running deficits, another increase is inevitable. I’ll freely admit to […]

Man carries wife’s head in a bag

So this Turkish guy in Germany walks into a gas station, right? And he has his wife’s head in a bag, right? Umm……. Read the full story at BBC News.

Another man caught having sex with sheep

Am I missing something? This seems to be getting awfully popular these days. This time it was a fire cheif in Arizona. Baaah. Read the full story at All Headline News.

Linux still sucks

A little tiny bug was found in Ubuntu ( apparently yet another flavor of Linux that I’ve never heard of ) that gives anyone root access. For those of you who don’t know, root access means you can do anything you want with the user’s computer. So much for Linux being secure. Via Gadgetizer.



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