States hate hybrids, want more SUV’s

One of the stupidest ideas I’ve heard in a long, long time. Lately, people have been migrating towards hybrids and smaller vehicles, and are less likely to buy a huge SUV when they don’t need one. Sounds great, right? People are using less gasoline, which can reduce dependence on foreign oil, gives people more spending money, reduces emissions and harmful greenhouse gasses. So what’s the problem? Some states are crying that they aren’t making as much on the gasoline tax, because people are driving more efficient vehicles. Solution? Penalize the smart motorists who are driving efficient cars. Start charging a “mileage tax”, so people pay taxes based on the miles they drive.

All this will do is end up driving people back towards the big honkin SUV’s and full-size pickup trucks. If they’re paying the same tax either way, why not enjoy the benefits of the larger vehicle? Story Via the Arkansas Times.

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