Tiered Haircut Prices

This has really been getting to me lately.  Most malls have quite a few places to get haircuts.  Latey I’ve been seeing more and more tiered pricing structures.  You’ll see a sign that goes something like this –
$18 – Master Stylist
$16 – Professional Stylist
$14 – Blind monkey with no hands, uses scissors with feet

Now imagine that you were a cheap SOB *ahem* frugal person, and decided to go with option C.  Hey you save four bucks!  When the blind monkey ruins your head, and you complain, what is going to happen?  You’re going to hear ‘well sir, you DID choose the blind monkey over the master stylist.  Perhaps next time you’ll pony up the extra four dollars.’
And that will be the end of it.  Good way to shrug off personal responsibility I suppose.

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