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70,000 Beer cans anyone?

A property manager walked into one of his homes recently, on the tip of a neighbor, and was met at the front door. Not by the tenant, mind you, but by 70,000 Coors Light beer cans – That’s one 24 pack every day, for 8 years. The guy who lived there even shut off his […]

Most expensive car wash

A guy over in the UK offers a high roller car wash. A good, intensive detail usually runs anywhere from $100-$200 around these parts. So what do you think this guy charges – double? Triple? Try $9,000 American dollars. None of those funny Canadian dollars here. Cuz $9,000 Canadian dollars is about $8.50 in US […]

Make money blogging has such a positive outlook on blogging for dollars. Maybe I should try it? I could use the money.

Man marries 104 year old woman

Which would be ok if he wasn’t 33. Here’s hoping they don’t plan to consummate that marriage. Via CNN.

Fainting Goats

Not much I can say about this. Go check it out at Random Crap Online.

Yahoo bans publisher for Myspace traffic

Recently Yahoo banned more publishers from their program. The reason? The majority of traffic comes from Yahoo believes this traffic is untargeted, and would convert poorly. I imagine they did this under pressure from advertisers, who are paying for the clicks. Horrible decision if you ask me – it simply doesn’t seem fair to […]



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