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Bills, bills, severed finger, bills, wait a minute…..

Going through her mail one day, an unnamed Corpus Christi woman found a surprise between her stack of bills and junk mail – her ex-boyfriend’s severed finger and a perfectly sane message “This is my last chance to touch you.”  For reasons I cannot comprehend, she’s trying to get a protective order from this obvious […]

Judge uses penis pump at bench

Former Judge Donald D. Thompson of Oklahoma- on trial for use of a penis pump during trial.  I don’t know what’s worse about this.  The fact that the whole world knows his shlong is the size of a combo snack, or that he was actually using it at the bench, during trials.  Not much I […]

IRS to jail pimps and hookers for not paying taxes

And I thought screwing for money was against the law. What do I know? Here’s my question – If I filled out my tax return, and put “Pimp” as my occupation, would I go to jail for being a pimp? Or would the government merely be happy that I paid my taxes? Full story.

Mexican man loses 200 lbs

Which wouldn’t necessarily be news, except for the fact that he weighed over 1200 lbs to begin with. He is now excited that he has the energy to sit up, and move the sheet on his body. I’m impressed. 770 more lbs to go and he’ll be happy – how hard can it be? My […]

Taiwanese group protest nukes in the nude

From the story – ‘The protest, titled “Rather Nude than Nuke,” is set to take place Monday at Funlung beach in northern Keelung county where the plant is under construction.’ One one hand, chill out!  It’s a nuclear power station, in a non-terrorist country.  On the other hand, people getting naked for no reason is […]

Workers hits switch, zaps $11 million

Worker: Hmm what’s this switch do? Supervisor: No don’t push that! Worker: Oooh pretty *flips switch* Plant shuts down immediately, requires two weeks of repairs. Total cost? $11 million in lost contracts. Hmm… worker makes $8/hr, owes company $11 million. Heck, he’ll be able to pay it back in just under 157 years – working […]



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