WordPress installed

For those of you who haven’t noticed ( I imagine that would be my beloved blind readers ) Green Llama has recently been redesigned. I switched over to the WordPress platform for a few reasons which I won’t go in to here – because no one cares. The point is, I know some things won’t be working. Namely, all the tabs at the top. I’m working on it, but between having a job and a real life outside of the interweb, it may take some time. So please, keep your pants on and don’t freak out on me – I’ll let you know when everything’s Jim Dandy.

Speaking of Jim Dandy, does anyone else wonder who in the heck he is, and why we use his name?

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    However, I tend to run off on tangets quite often. I call this part of the site 'random crap'. Basically I'll go off and post about whatever I want, just to keep things interesting. Have fun and stay tuned.