Million Dollar Homepage – Part 2

This time around it’s a Per Second Podcast. Basically you ( or your company, or your dog ) pay for as few or as many seconds in the podcast as you want. They’re yours forever, much like the million dollar homepage we’re all very familiar with. I’ll freely admit that I simply do not “get” podcasts. To me, a “podcast” seems awfully like an “mp3” , which we’ve had for many many years. Giving it a new name with “pod” in it doesn’t make it new. And, for the record, “video podcasts” are, in fact, “videos” – which we’ve also had for years.

Personal opinions aside, it seems the masses do like podcasts, and they’re here to stay. So I say kudos to the developer of this site for coming up with a fairly unique idea – one that’s bound to make him some bucks. Wish I would’ve thought it up first. Thanks to James for pointing this one out. Full story at Gadgetell.

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