Imbee launched to battle Myspace

imbee.gif Basically Imbee is a myspace-clone, but with restrictions. Users can send messages and chat for free, but are charged $3.95/mo to have a blog. A credit card is required for registration though, which Imbee says will allow them to gather information that Myspace cannot. In that way, parents are aware of their children’s participation in the site.

It sounds very hard to find “friends” on Imbee…. you can’t search by location, hobby, or high school. As far as I can tell, the limitations make Imbee utterly useless. Why is Myspace a hit? Because it’s easy. Because everyone uses it. It takes 5 minutes to set up a profile, and you can start finding friends instantly. Imbee takes away the easy factor, not everyone is using it, and it’s hard to add friends. Why would anyone switch? Via Bloggers Blog.

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