Two captured US Army privates beheaded

I won’t get into the validity of our mission in Iraq here, as it doesn’t really matter. No matter whether we are right or wrong for being in Iraq, we as a civilized nation, and as civilized people, would never do anything like what the Iraqis do. No matter what your cause, beheading American soldiers is not the answer – all it will do is anger every single person in the American military, as well as all of us back home. Renewing the US’ resolve and determination is not good – especially when support for the war is as shaky as it has been recently.

I’m sure those out there will somehow read this as to say “Muslims are evil” but rather understand it this way. The people of that part of the world are uncivilized barbarians. They are beneath us, and have nothing but evil in their hearts. Perhaps beheading was acceptable hundreds or thousands of years in the past, but it is not acceptable today. If I didn’t have a family to care for here at home, you can be sure I’d be heading over to the nearest recruiting station to sign up for a killing spree. And I would enjoy every minute of it.

Full story at Seattle Times.

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