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Bill Gates is a pirate

From the WSJ regarding some YouTube videos that Bill Gates watched: “Gates: Stolen’s a strong word. It’s copyrighted content that the owner wasn’t paid for. So yes.” When does he get his official eye patch, wooden leg, and hook arm? Arrrrrrr….. Full Story.

Two captured US Army privates beheaded

I won’t get into the validity of our mission in Iraq here, as it doesn’t really matter. No matter whether we are right or wrong for being in Iraq, we as a civilized nation, and as civilized people, would never do anything like what the Iraqis do. No matter what your cause, beheading American soldiers […]

Woman tries to smuggle grenade into prison

Big deal you say?  She was hiding it in her vagina.  Lidia Alvarado from El Savador was going to jail to visit a few friends, and apparently wanted to bring them a gift.  Full story.

Imbee launched to battle Myspace

Basically Imbee is a myspace-clone, but with restrictions. Users can send messages and chat for free, but are charged $3.95/mo to have a blog. A credit card is required for registration though, which Imbee says will allow them to gather information that Myspace cannot. In that way, parents are aware of their children’s participation in […]

Naked man gets shot at

This guy was trying to convince his girlfriend to start taking risks, namely, that it was time to get married.  To prove his point, he decided to run around the neighborhood naked.  Which would have been fine, if not for the crazy with the gun.  Moral of the story?  Running around naked gets you shot […]

Chinese TV presenter poses topless for health ad

The Chinese aren’t so different from the Americans after all. Apparently the sight of breasts horrifies both of us equally. What a shame. Full story



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