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Llamas not so good at poetry

While Llamas are great at things like being cute, cuddly, and military death machines, they are apparently not good at poetry.  They have recently been exposed as the culprits behind the bad, non-rhyming poets for Netflix and Blockbuster.  Stick with what you’re good at, guys.

WordPress installed

For those of you who haven’t noticed ( I imagine that would be my beloved blind readers ) Green Llama has recently been redesigned. I switched over to the WordPress platform for a few reasons which I won’t go in to here – because no one cares. The point is, I know some things won’t […]

Jack of All Blogs SOLD

The sale of Jack of All Blogs was announced this past Tuesday, May 30th, 2006. We haven’t heard anything on who purchased the blog, or any posts from the new person yet. Apparently the previous owner is big on snarkiness. Whatever the crap that is. All these newfangled words still have me reeling…….. snarky, snarkocity, […]



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