Keira Knightley in a sexy dress

keira-knightly-sex-dress.jpg   Well maybe I should clarify just a little bit.  The dress Keira is wearing is fantastic – very sexy.  And normally Keira Knightley is a pretty woman.  BUT here’s where things go wrong.  See, it seems as though Keira decided to stop eating for oh, I don’t know, a MONTH before wearing this dress.  Her ribs are poking out, her breasts have actually inverted – she looks like about an A minus cup now.

Keira -do everyone a favor.  Eat a freaking sandwich.  As a matter of fact, eat a lot of sandwiches.  Big ones.  With extra meat.  And cheese.  Maybe a cheeseburger or two.  It won’t hurt, I promise.

A girl needs some meat on her bones!  What do you think?

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