Bikini wedding dresses

Is your wedding day approaching quickly, and you still haven’t picked out your dress?  Fear not, as long as you’re having a beach wedding.  Wearing a white bikini at your wedding is all the rage these days.

And I quote – ‘White is the most traditional color for wedding attire, and we suggest you consider it as an option for your wedding bikini.  A white bikini can be beautifully accessorized with a knee-length sarong to offer some additional coverage in the hips and thighs.  To keep in the tradition of your beach-themed wedding, add a flowered lei and head wreath as decoration.  A head wreath is a perfect substitute for a more conventional veil or tiara.’

So there you have it.  Forget the expensive dress, forget the expensive shoes.  Pick yourself out a nice skimpy white bikini, and throw some flowers on your head, and call it a day. Disclaimer – Please, if you’re a “large woman,” please, please disregard this post.  No offense, but no one wants to see your 300lb butt oozing out of a bikini.  A moo-moo will do just fine.

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