Situation in Israel

Not my area of expertise, but here goes anyway. I’m sure all of you are familiar with the current situation in Israel. Recently the terrorist organization based in Lebanon, Hezbollah, abducted 2 Israeli soldiers. Since then, Israel has been launching relentless attacks against the organization. Many are calling the Israeli reaction overkill, or excessive. That is complete, 100%, crap. The only time in recent memory when there has been peace in Israel, is when they had the entire Palestinian territories under complete lockdown. Only then were the Israeli people safe. Every time Israel tries to back off, and allow the Palestinians / Arabs / Muslims to do their own thing, have their own state, and generally leave them alone, something like this happens.

At the end of the day, the Arabs have sticks and rocks, while the Israelis have tanks, fighter jets, and lots of bombs. Many years ago, Israel opened a big can of ass-whooping on the 5 countries that attacked it all at the same time. If it gets to that point again, I have no doubt that they can take care of themselves. If they end up in deep trouble, I’m sure the US and Britain will step in to do what is necessary.  At least, I would hope so.
For the life of me, I have trouble, and will probably always have trouble, understanding why the Arabs hate the Jews. What in the world did the Jews ever do to anyone? The way I understand it, all the Israelis ever wanted was a place to live – a place that historically belonged to them.  That’s it.  The Arabs need to go back to killing each other, and leave the Israelis alone.  That’s the solution to the problem in Israel.  Leave them the hell alone – that’s all they ever wanted anyway.


  1. fastvfr said

    July 16 2006 @ 9:39 pm

    Leave THEM alone?! Indeed, you are absolutely correct…this is not an area with which you have even the vaguest familiarity.

    Did you forget or never know that before 1948 the land now occupied by the Zionists WAS ARABIC?

    And that those people sort of want their ancestral homelands back?

    And for that, they should endure terrorist attacks from the Israelis. Good thinking.

    Why don’t you go read up a bit, show some moral fiber, then let us know what you find out. ‘K?

  2. leroybrown said

    July 17 2006 @ 5:18 am

    Actually, before the Jews moved back to Israel, it was ruled by various peoples, most recently the Turks, I believe. And, if it were not for the Jews moving there, and establishing the state of Israel, your Arab friends would still be pitching tents and riding their camels to and fro.

    The Israeli state was created to allow these ( hated for some reason ) people a safe place to live. As a matter of fact, these people willingly gave up a large portion of the land allotted them, to appease the Arabs. They only re-took the West Bank and the Gaza strip after the Arab Invasion in 1948. And quite frankly, they had every right to do so. As far as I’m concerned, they had no valid reason to give it up when they did recently, other than the fact that they are tired of fighting and just want to be left alone.

    Terrorist attacks from the Israelis? Yes, yes. Suicide bomb attacks against the civilians on a regular basis… yes that is the work of the Israeli people. We all know how hateful and vile a people they are.

    It is completely apparently that you are either A. A muslim or
    B. An Arab and a muslim.
    Does that automatically make you a bad person? No. But you seem to have a lack of grasp on what’s happening, and an expectedly tainted point of view. It’s hard to be objective when it’s “your people” who are being “terrorized.”

  3. Bob said

    July 19 2006 @ 5:16 pm

    well said Leroy…..
    ‘terrorist attacks’ from the Israelis indeed. Last I noticed, the idiots blowing themselves up in civilain areas with the sole intent of killing innocent civilians weren’t Israelis. And furthermore, any twisted idiot who believes that this ‘brave act’ somehow earns the bomber an ‘eternity in Paradise with 72 virgins’ needs more psychological help than the world currently posesses. ‘Moral fiber?????’ You’ve got to be kidding, fastvfr….sheesh…
    And as far as stating that the Israeli response is too harsh, I always say ‘if you volunarily pick a fight with someone tougher than yourself, don’t go crying to everyone when you get your nose bloodied’.
    Nuff said.

  4. leroybrown said

    July 19 2006 @ 5:59 pm

    ‘if you volunarily pick a fight with someone tougher than yourself, don’t go crying to everyone when you get your nose bloodied’.

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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