UN Council barking loudly again

But will they bite? History says – probably not. The UN Security Council expressed its “shock and distress” at a recent Israeli attack that killed 54 Lebanese. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t condone the killing of innocent people in any way. My question is, where was the “shock and outrage” when Palestinians were blowing up Israeli citizens? How about for the Israelis who are dying from the Hezbollah rockets? I don’t recall any. What I do hear a lot of is how Israel is overreacting, and how they are taking it too far. I say Lebanon is the right battlefield, and now is the right time. If the Lebanese people and the Lebanese government allow Hezbollah to play in their backyard, then they are just as guilty as Hezbollah themselves. By being idle, they simply risk their own lives when Hezbollah does something stupid, and Israel is angered.

Many countries condemned the attack, and France has circulated a draft resolution calling for an immediate end to the fighting.”

France against war? No!? You don’t say? Considering they surrender at the slightest threat, they would be.

I guess it comes down to this. The UN seems to favor the Arabs heavily, whether it be the Palestinians or the Lebanese. They do not like Israel, that is unsaid yet apparant. They are making a fuss about the current situation, and I’m sure the rhetoric will become louder. Will they actually do anything? More at BBC News.

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