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Bikini teacher in hot water

Erica Chevillar is a 25 year old teacher of social studies in Boca Raton Florida.  Well, normal except for the fact that she posed for photos for the US National Bikini Team.  As it turns out, her students do have the internet, and were able to find her pictures.  Erica Chevillar posed under the name […]

Keira Knightley in a sexy dress

   Well maybe I should clarify just a little bit.  The dress Keira is wearing is fantastic – very sexy.  And normally Keira Knightley is a pretty woman.  BUT here’s where things go wrong.  See, it seems as though Keira decided to stop eating for oh, I don’t know, a MONTH before wearing this dress.  […]

Sales is hard

Seth Godin has a great post on sales – and why it’s hard.  Number 1 hits home in a major way – and I quote –     1. Selling is hard. Harder than you may ever realize. So, if I seem stressed, cut me some slack.  If you’ve never sold in your life, you should.  […]

Britney suing US Weekly – Again

Sounds like Britney and Cletus Kevin Federline are sue-happy lately, or they hate US Weekly. Or there’s always the remote possibility that US Weekly is going overboard and doing evil things. Whatever. Last time, US Weekely said that Britney and Cletus made a sex tape, and watched it with their lawyers. This time around, US […]

Why DIGG is meaningless

As everyone who owns a computer knows, Digg is huge. I mean really, really huge. Some people think it could overtake google or yahoo as some of the most popular websites in the world. That’s big. However, just because a site is big right now, today, doesn’t mean it’s going to be around forever. One […]

Lightbulb removed from man’s butt

Fateh Mohammad, a Pakistani man jailed for making moonshine, recently had to undergo surgery.  No big deal you say?  Well you might think differently if you knew why he was having surgery.  See, Fateh, unbeknowst to himself, had a LIGHTBULB lodged in that most delicate of spots, his butt.  Fateh says he woke up one […]



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