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Russian wedding – in lingerie

Remember Bikini wedding dresses? In Russia, some women have made a slightly different choice for the most important day of their lives. Introducing : Lingerie wedding dresses. Yep, That’s bra and panties, just to clarify. They are adorned with flowers, lace, and a veil to be fair, but they are definitely underwear. Link – with […]

Visit a brothel to lower your gas bill

Austrailian brothels are getting creative these days.  Now, when you visit one of their lovely ladies, not only do you get the services advertised, and possibly a side helping of syphilis, you also get a discount on your gas bill.  Simply fill up before visiting, present your receipt, and receive a credit of $0.20 per […]

Why I don’t feel sorry for New Orleans

Oh my, where to begin? Let’s try a list of the reasons : Their mayor, Ray Nagin. A recent quote of his – “You guys in New York can’t get a hole in the ground fixed and it’s five years later. So let’s be fair.” Very tactful indeed, Mr. Nagin. That will rally the country […]

Topless kissing booth for skin cancer

The Caliente nudist resort in Land O’Lakes, Florida recently held a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Naturally, the fundraiser was held topless. What kind of neat topless fun could you find there? Well, the highlight was a topless kissing booth – for $5, you get to kiss a topless woman, and the money goes […]

Kitty Delicious fired for amateur internet porn

Kitty Delicious, also known as Bridget Grish, was a fashion assistant for Life & Style until recently. Some of her coworkers happened to stumble upon her amateur porn videos on the internet. Fantastic! When questions, the coworkers swore they were just looking for information on delicious kittens. Really. Bridget, who considers her rack to be […]

Man Fired from $134,000 per year job

Wayne Weston, former park and recreation director for Mecklenburg County in Charlotte, N.C. had it great. He was making $134k a year and having the time of his life. Except for one little problem. See, Wayne had a bad habit of forwarding sexually explicit and racist emails to his co-workers. Apparently one of them took […]



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