SMS Spam – the next big thing

I recently added another phone / line to my Sprint PCS account. They had a pretty good promotion going on, and I got a nice phone for free – good deal, right? Well, not so much. Within minutes of activating the phone, I kept getting SMS spam – people were sending me text messages left and right, asking me if I wanted to be their friend. I don’t want to be anyone’s friend! If I want to be your friend, I’ll ask you ok!?

I sent a reply asking them to stop please! This only encouraged them more, and the text message pace increased furiously.  My next step was to call Sprint customer support to find out what was going on.  I talked to a friendly representative from Tajikistan or Armenia and she said she would block the messages.  Great!  Problem solved.

Only it wasn’t.  The messages continued, and continued.  After several more calls to Sprint, I was rewarded with a super secret “tech support” phone number.  I was lucky enough to reach a friendly lady in Colorado who worked her magic and stopped the bloody messages!  ( I’m not even British, that’s how upset I was!! ) Lo and behold, she also mentioned that there was a staggering charge of $58 for the priviledge of being bothered by these annoying messages.  Nice Coloradoian that she was, she took care of it and credited my account.

I’ve been spam-text message free ever since.  Thanks Mrs. Colorado Sprint Lady – you kept me sane!

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