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Sometimes people search for some really off the wall stuff, and they end up here at the Green Llama. I’ve decided to highlight the strangest of the strange, and answer their questions directly.

can llamas spit blind you?

This is an issue that we should not take lightly. It is widely known that llamas will spit if agitated, and they can spit quite some distance. If llama spit is indeed blinding, then being a llama farmer is not only one of the most rewarding jobs around, but also perilous. In my expert opinion, however, llama spit is not blinding. However, I would urge you not to go around disturbing llamas for fun. They are known to be quite deadly if provoked.

Does ham have explosive gas?

A reader asks this very pertinent question – and I’m sure the rest of you are asking “Why didn’t I ask that myself?” and slapping yourselves on the forehead. Fear not, I can confidently say that ham does not contain any explosive gas. Eat your sandwich without fear.

where can i find green llamas?

Green llamas used to roam all over Central America quite freely. They used to laugh and sing and generally have a good time. Sadly, there aren’t a whole lot of green llamas left out there. So you’ll have a pretty tough time finding a green llama these days.

What if the man gets pregnant?

The woman will be forced to and support him, of course. Or the man’s father will shoot her.

What does Keira Knightley eat?

Keira Knightly lives on a strict diet of 3 grapes and one-half leaf of lettuce per day. If she’s truly famished, she may allow herself a full leaf of lettuce, but she’ll force herself to work out for an additional 3 hours to make up for it. See for yourself.
Who gives a flying crap?
Well that depends on the definition of “flying crap.” Technically people who are flying in an airplane, and feel the need to defecate, are “taking a flying crap.” Though they are most certainly not giving it to anyone. Also, skydivers who feel the sudden urge could be said to be taking a flying crap as well.

Why is the duck-billed platypus classed as a mammal?
Let’s see here, we have this funny looking little creature with a duck bill, webbed feet, and he lays eggs. Sounds like a duck to me. But alas! The duck-billed platypus has hair, and that’s all one need to be a mammal these days.

    Whats in the ham
    Not explosive gas, as we’ve covered above. Ham is comprised of 100% pig butt, and some added salt to preserve it. Although sometimes you’ll also find poop in your ham.

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