Desperate Housewives

I was at Chile’s the other day with my wife, waiting for our carryout order. In walked in 2 rejects from the Desperate Housewives. I’m pretty sure one of them was Eva Longoria’s older sister. Don’t get me wrong – these ladies weren’t ugly, but there comes a time to act and dress your age.
Anyway they had ordered a soup to go – presumably to split, since they couldn’t risk actually enjoying a meal and gaining a pound.
The girl brought out their soup and set it on the counter. The elder Longoria paid the bill ($3.77 if you must know ) and proceeded to leave and drive off in their Nissan Xterra.
Those of you who are supremely observant have already noticed the problem. Desperate Housewives forgot their soup. They forgot their soup. THEY FORGOT THE ONLY THING THEY BOUGHT.
See, the concept of exchanging money for goods is very simple at its most basic level. You give someone money, you take your goods.
Everyone still with me?
I can understand making a large order and forgetting one item – heck that happens a lot, no big deal. But to purchase a single item, pay for it, and then leave without it? My head hurts.

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