Buy space on a naked Russian girl

This effectively renders all other forms of advertising obsolete. Why pay to advertise on a billboard when you can plaster your ad on a 25 year old Russian girl? The best part? You have your pick of just above anywhere on he body. Only the head, nipples, and “intimate parts” are off limits. I words if that includes her butt? It could be really cool to advertise on a Russian girl’s butt. Of course, she’d have to walk around in a g-string all the time so people could see your ad. Probably not the best idea in Russia.

How much does it cost?

Just $1 per millimeter. The minimum purchase is $100. That gets your ad pictured on a ’25 year old Russian girl for an entire year.

Why is she doing this?

“I’m a shy girl, but I need money and I don’t care what people think of me!” says Natasha. Judging by the pictures on her site, I’d say she got over the shyness thing pretty well.

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