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Teacher jailed for sex with student

Natalina D’ Addario, former substitute teacher in Melbourne, is yet another female teacher to get caught on her knees. Three times last year, the 37 year old Natalina D’ Addario performed oral sex on an unnamed 15 year old male student. Her great idea for the scene of the crime? Her car, of course. It […]

Ford’s failure looming

Ford angers me. They are in a bad spot, but much better off than rival GM. They insist, however, in doing stupid things. Their latest stupid idea is the 0% financing for 72 months. To offer this at all is a poor decision – interest rates are sky high. Not content with a merely stupid […]

Tamara Hoover, The Topless Teacher, resigns

Remember Tamara Hoover? Of course you do. She’s the teacher in Austin, TX that posted topless photos of herself on Myspace, and was suspended once the authorities found out. Poor Tamara. I guess she finally got tired of all the hoopla and red tape, and decided to resign and start moving on with her life. […]

Man stuck in a vat of chocolate

How do you explain that one to the kids? That the police had to rescue you from the vat of chocolate that you fell into? Ugh. Link.

Female Sunday school teacher fired for being a woman

A Sunday school in Watertown, NY is now showing up under the microscope. The minister fired a female Sunday school teacher for – get this – being a woman. Maybe I’m overlooking something, but let’s step back for just a moment. When this woman was hired, it’s fairly safe to say that she was probably […]

Buy space on a naked Russian girl

This effectively renders all other forms of advertising obsolete. Why pay to advertise on a billboard when you can plaster your ad on a 25 year old Russian girl? The best part? You have your pick of just above anywhere on he body. Only the head, nipples, and “intimate parts” are off limits. I words […]



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