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Hottest Mom in America

Hundreds of hot moms, or MILF’s in today’s lingo, lined up in southern Florida this weekend to take a stab at becoming the Hottest Mom in America. The prize? $25,000 for the lucky mom, and a $25,000 scholarship for her child. Different moms took different routes to try to win the judge’s attention. Some dressed […]

16 things Google Trends has taught me

Google Trends is an amazing tool – and it helps you discover things that you may never have figured out otherwise. In the spirit of Steve Rubel‘s post a few months back, here’s my list of 16 things Google Trends has taught me. Some are just proving what we already thought, and some are, well […]

Ford and GM Merger

There have been rumors for months that GM would merge with someone – both Toyota and more recently Nissan have been listed as possibilities. The latest rumor involved none other than their biggest and oldest crosstown rival – Ford Motor Co. Will Ford and GM make a good match for a super-automaker? I’d have to […]

Muslims Outraged by Pope

So the Pope recently condemned Islam for spreading their word by the sword – a valid point if ever there was one. Muslims have taken great offense to this statement, saying that it is not true. In fact, one Muslim group affiliated with Al Qaeda said they plan on killing as many Christians as possible […]

Lindsay Lohan and the firecrotch

There have been quite a few pictures of Lindsay Lohan floating around there appear to depict her “flashing her snatch”, to put it eloquently. Ms. Lohan is apparently finding it difficult to wear a knee-length dress and not show off the goodies – sound difficult. The normal solution is to wear some sort of underwear, […]

Justin Timberlake is a monkey

Justina won’t be tying the knot with Cameron Diaz any time soon. After all, he has his dogs, and what else does a monkey err.. man really need? Justin recently told GQ Magazine – “Men are monkeys, man. As for marriage and so on, I have my two dogs for kids so you should ask […]



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