Lesbian teacher fondles female student

Serena Weston, a 30 year old lesbian former gym teacher at Hilcrest school is in a bit of trouble. Ms. Weston is accused of fondling a 14 year old student of hers, on 3 separate occasions. She is also accused of persuading the student to touch her in an intimate way. The student approached Ms. Weston for advice when she was confused about her sexuality. A good teacher would have offered advice or support, however Ms. Weston offered her body instead. Turns out – not such a good choice.

Ms. Weston refutes the allegations, saying that the student’s mother is simply bitter about the lesbian relationship she had with Ms. Weston. Of course, the students mother says no such relationship ever happened, so she has nothing to be bitter about.

Teachers seem to be getting more and more stupid all the time. Will they ever learn?


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