Lindsay Lohan and the firecrotch

There have been quite a few pictures of Lindsay Lohan floating around there appear to depict her “flashing her snatch”, to put it eloquently. Ms. Lohan is apparently finding it difficult to wear a knee-length dress and not show off the goodies – sound difficult. The normal solution is to wear some sort of underwear, even if they are skimpy. But no, Lindsay hasn’t felt the need to wear panties of any kind – so she has treated the world to several views of her unadorned goodies. Why?

You can’t tell me the Lindsay doesnt know she’s baring all for the world. If your stuff if flapping in the wind, you know it. I don’t care what you say, you know it. So she knows she’s showing off the goods – but why? Everyone already thinks she’s an out of control dirty slut – why make it worse on purpose? It’s not as though she thought maybe the camera wasn’t looking. She’s famous – the camera is ALWAYS looking.

And no, you’re not going to find any pictures of Lindsay Lohan’s box here. This is not a porn site.

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