Ford and GM Merger

There have been rumors for months that GM would merge with someone – both Toyota and more recently Nissan have been listed as possibilities. The latest rumor involved none other than their biggest and oldest crosstown rival – Ford Motor Co. Will Ford and GM make a good match for a super-automaker? I’d have to say that if this is indeed true, and the respective management of Ford and GM are discussing this, that the world is likely coming to an end. This is without a doubt the single stupidest idea I’ve heard all year. And I hear a lot of stupid ideas, so that is saying something.

GM and Ford both have similar strengths ( trucks ) and similar weaknesses ( ridiculous legacy costs, inflexible union labor, ho-hum car lineup, excess production capacity, etc ) and would have nothing to offer one another. A merger would simply compound the problems that both automakers are experiencing separately. I cannot see how either company would benefit from such a merger – and I hope that it is simply a rumor and nothing more.

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