Muslims Outraged by Pope

So the Pope recently condemned Islam for spreading their word by the sword – a valid point if ever there was one. Muslims have taken great offense to this statement, saying that it is not true. In fact, one Muslim group affiliated with Al Qaeda said they plan on killing as many Christians as possible to prove their point.

Ummm wait a minute… my maths’ not good… hold on here……

I grow more and more tired of Muslim “outrage.” Muslims are never outraged when members of their religion commit a crime, or offend others. However, they are quick to become offended when called on their ways by non-Muslims. Whether the statement rings true or not ( and in this case, it absolutely does ring 100% true ) , they are instantly angered and threaten violence. If Islam was truly a religion of peace, and Muslims were truly a peaceful people, then they would use silence as their answer. During the infamous cartoon incident, they would have held their tongues. And today, after the Pope’s remarks, they would have said nothing.

Instead, they react the way they always have, with anger and violence. Muslims are not peaceful, reasonable people. Islam is not a religion of peace. Anyone who is still under that impression today is too blind to be helped at this point. To all you folks out there angered at the Pope’s remarks, I say this. If Islam truly desires a war against the rest of the world, then so be it. I am sure many of you will say that there are many friendly Muslims out there who are very nice people. Fact is, I don’t know any. I’ve never met one who I’d consider a buddy or someone I’d like to hang around with. So if they all need to die during the “jihad” then fine. If you want a war, then pull up your skirt and let’s get it over with.

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  1. Bob said

    September 20 2006 @ 4:59 am

    Hmmm….. let’s see if I have this straight…. The Pope cites an ancient emperor’s words suggesting that (horrors!!) some of the teachings of Islam are violent (an understatement)…. and the overwhelming response from fanatic Islamists? ‘How dare he suggest that we’re violent! Let’s riot and go burn some churches and shoot some nuns!!!, Kill all the infidel followers of the cross!!!’ Yep, makes sense to me….
    Where was their outrage when a group of muslims massacred a school full of children in Russia? Or they bravely behead tied-up victims? Or strap bombs around their bodies and detonate to kill as many innocent people as possible? (oh yeah, I forgot, doing so entitles them to an eternity in paradise with 72 virgins if they do that, yep, what a wonderful, loving God they must have)…
    (Guess I’d better watch my back tho, stating the ridiclously obvious truth might tick off some followers of that ‘loving, peaceful religion’.)

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