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Paris Hilton gets a DUI

Well I guess this isn’t particularly exciting news. Everyone knows celebrities drive when they’re drunk, and Paris Hilton seems to be, how do I say, stupider – than most celebrities, so it’s not surprising that she got caught. The officers said they say the vehicle driving in an erratic manner, and that’s why they pulled […]

Wonderbra for your butt

Wonderbra releases a wonderbra for your butt – the Wonderbot. Flat booty white girls everywhere rejoice. Link.

Crocodile Hunter meets his doom

I’m sure everyone knows by now – Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, has died. I’m not going to lament Steve’s death. Steve has spent the better part of his life as the Crocodile Hunter, doing what his name implies- hunting crocodiles. That’s about as poor of a career choice as any human being can make. […]

British hospital caters to Muslim women

A British hospital now offers burqa style hospital gowns for female Muslim patients, since their religion requires them to be covered from head to toe. Funny, my religion requires me not to have my ass hanging out when I’m in the hospital, but no one cared when I complained. Link.

Lesbian teacher fondles female student

Serena Weston, a 30 year old lesbian former gym teacher at Hilcrest school is in a bit of trouble. Ms. Weston is accused of fondling a 14 year old student of hers, on 3 separate occasions. She is also accused of persuading the student to touch her in an intimate way. The student approached Ms. […]

Nudism in Vermont town

Brattleboro, Vermont isn’t traditionally a very exciting or interesting place to be. It’s not a large city, the weather isn’t particularly nice, and there are no beaches. What this small town does have, though, is a whole lot of young naked people. And that all by itself makes Brattleboro a pretty cool place to be. […]



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