Naked brides to be everywhere

A store called Filene’s has this sale every now and again, where they discount dresses from up to 10k to as low as $699. Every time they have the sale, hundreds and hundreds of women line up hours before the store opens, so they can try to find the perfect dress at a crazy price.

Here’s how it works. The bride to be has a team – whether it’s her mother, some friends, the bridesmaids, whatever. They all wear the same color hat so they’re easy to recognize. They all rush in and grab a ton of dresses at random. The bride picks a spot in the middle of the floor, and tosses the pile of dresses there. She proceeds to strip her clothes of and start trying dresses on. Now, some of the women think ahead, and wear leotards under their clothes, or at least biker shorts. The less modest parade around in panties and a bra. A few really daring women don’t mind wearing a thong. And every once in awhile, you’ll find a women who forgot to wear any underwear at all. As one male employee noted – “There are naked women everywhere.” No doubt the male employees signed up for the event months in advance. Link.

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