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Courtney Love Gets Naked

That’s right – that Courtney Love. Once the wife of now dead Nirvana head man Kurt Cobain, and prior ‘rock star’ herself, Courtney dropped it all for a photo shoot in Pop magazine. I myself don’t have any desire to look at a naked drug addict ( reportedly ‘ex’ drug addict ) , but if […]

Mike Tyson – Former Boxer, Future Prostitute?

Yup, Mike Tyson has moved on from his career as a professional heavyweight boxer, and is ready to move on.  Not to a respectable profession though – but you didn’t really expect that did you?  Nope, Mikey’s gonna be a manwhore male prostitute.  He’ll be working for Heidi Fleiss ( female pimp? ) and she […]

Beyonce not a lesbian

Ahh, it seems I jumped the gun the other day with our Beyonce / Eva Longoria lesbian movie post. It’s all a big rumor, and we don’t get to look forward to two of Hollywood’s biggest female names going at it on the big screen. Boo.

Global Warming – is it really bad?

I’m sure many of you have already seen it, but I like this picture enough to put it up here anyway. All over the Internet, especially whenever talks of the Detroit automakers comes up, you see concerns about global warming. Global warming this, global warming that. Everyone says how terrible it is, and how it’s […]

Beyonce Knowles and Eva Longoria to be Lesbians

For quite some time fantasized about by men everywhere, it’s about to become reality. I’m normally not a fan of homosexual relationship-based movies ( see Brokeback Mountain. Who in the hell wants to see a move about gay cowboys? ). But with Beyonce and Eva Longoria reportedly incredibly excited about the lesbian sex scenes, well. […]

Ads off-target

I’m still having ad targeting issues.  For the most recent posts, ads are way off target.  What a PITA.  Hope it figures itself out one day.



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