Thong Thursday Crackdown

A bar in Covington, Kentucky was cited for a popular event called Thong Thursdays. Since the event really isn’t obvious from the name, I’ll go ahead and spell it out for you. Every Thursday, a group of young ladies gets up on the bar, and drops their pants to reveal their thong-covered booties. Best butt gets a prize – everybody wins right? The women get to have fun and get a little cash, guys get to see some booty. Not so – apparently having half naked women prancing around in a bar with a glass front is a no-no.

‘Here’s how Covington police cracked the case. One week ago, they parked a block away and using binoculars they saw two women dancing and exposing their bottoms. They went for a closer look.’

I bet they did. Cops sure do have a tough job. Spending their days getting an eyeful of young women’s bare asses. Anyone know if they’re hiring in Kentucky? Link.

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