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Merry Christmas

I’m not really a ‘blog on Christmas day’ kind of guy.  I just wanted to drop in and say Merry Christmas everyone.  If you’re not Christian, and are offended by that, then get bent.  If you’re not Christian and aren’t offended by my wishing you a Merry Christmas, then Happy Hannukuh or happy Kwanzaa or […]

The Heart Attack Grille

In Tempe, Arizona ( never heard of it ) lies the wondrous place that’s called The Heart Attack Grill. Now, the best way to describe the Heart Attack Grill is ‘Hooters on steroids’. If you’ve never heard of Hooters, then that probably means nothing to you. But for everyone who hasn’t been living under a […]

Nipple Enlargement Surgery

All across the country, women are having surgery on their breasts. But it’s not what you think – they’re not going up a cup size. Instead, they’re going up a nipple size. Say what? Lots of women are going after that ‘always cold’ look , so their nipples are always hard. One of the side […]

Funny Dear Abby letter

When a man suspects his wife is cheating.  Link.

Teacher faces oral sex charges

Julia Ozirski Lund, a language teacher at Chaska High School in Chaska, Minnesota, is in a heap of trouble. See, Ms. Lund seemed to have a bit of trouble keeping her hands off one of her 17 year old students, or at least that’s how the accusations go. After watching the student from afar for […]

Shopping Sucks

Shopping sucks.  I just wanted to make that clear to everyone, in case it already wasn’t.  Going to the mall is stupid, it takes an hour to get on the parking lot, another hour to find a spot, and then half an hour to walk from the spot you found to the actual mall.  Then […]



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