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This post is a review of – part of his review series. is the blog of ( surprise ) John Chow. I don’t really know who John Chow is, and to be frank, I don’t care even a little bit. But I discovered his blog about 2 months ago or so, and I’m hooked. Normally I stick with blogs that are very focused on a single topic, and John’s is nothing of the sort. John tends to ramble about various things – Blogging, WordPress, cars, money, tech issues, and whatever else crosses his mind.

Apparently English isn’t John’s first language, but you could never tell. I’m sure there are probably grammatical errors here and there, but I’m not an English teacher so I don’t care about that either. The blog has a very distinct style, but it’s quite hard to describe. It’s very down to earth, and when John doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he makes that very clear. When he’s an expert on a subject, you’ll know, but when he’s not, he doesn’t try to pretend.

It’s pretty easy to waste away a few hours browsing through the archives. Thee are a ton of great posts that are worth reading – and you should take a minute to do just that. Tell John that I sent you. Or don’t, because he has no idea who I am.

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